Elephant Energy utilises gasification techniques that can destruct any carbon based waste streams and recover the energy contained within the waste. The harvested energy is then converted into electricity and sold into the electricity grid. The technology and process allows decentralized waste management (enabling destruction of waste near the source).

The technology used is environmentally sound with emissions predominately consisting of water vapour and carbon dioxide, whilst the small residual solid by- product of the process is non-toxic and can be safely disposed of in landfills or utilized in construction.

Elephant Energy has developed a proprietary process that can operate in a small light industrial site. Each plant covers an area of approximately 1,200 m2 plus the approach road for vehicle movement. The plant is able to generate 1.7 Mw per hour, based on delivery of 70 tonnes per day of MSW. The size of the sites enable a facility to work within existing waste collection sites, avoiding the need, and significant cost, to transport compacted waste to landfill. These plants, due to their size, can be constructed in relatively short time frames.