recycling  the unrecyclable

Municipal solid waste disposal and recycling are major issues facing Governments throughout the world. Elephant Energy is committed to resolving this problem, not only by enhancing recycling but by recycling the unrecyclable into green energy.

Elephant Energy is an infrastructure company combining electricity generation, landfill mining and waste disposal through waste-to-energy projects, utilising NON-incineration gasification technology.

Elephant Energy’s has the ability to utilise commercially successful, small scale waste-to-energy plants that alleviate waste and toxicity in the environment while generating green electricity.


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Introduction to Gasification Technology

Energy in Waste

Carbon based waste streams can be processed into a synthesis gas (syngas). The energy contained in these waste streams can be used to create green electricity.

Hybrid Gasification

Waste is received on site and then converted from impending landfill into green electricity through hybrid gasification techniques


Small scale waste to energy gasification can take place with as little as 70 tonnes per day of municipal waste.

Social Benefits

Employment of lower socio-economic employees. Equal pay and employment of women. Removal of toxicity from the environment

Environmental Benefits

Elimination of methane emissions from landfill. Reduction in Co2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion substitution. Improved recycling of glass, metals and other inert solids. Processing the waste ‘close to source’ reduces transportation emissions

Affordable, small-scale and modular

Set up costs a fraction of most currently operating technologies. Each project can operate close to source on a site as small as 2,000 square metres. Establishment of operations can be undertaken in six months from contract execution, due to the engineered modular technology.

Our Process

Elephant Energy is an infrastructure company uses Gasification technology to covert the municipal solid waste to green energy.

Garbage is loaded into the big hoppers by MSW vehicles. One conveyor belt moves the garbage to the sorting line from these hoppers. All of the construction trash, metal waste, and glass bottles are sent to the rejection line by sorting line workers.

Plastic and biodegradable garbage are moved to a specially designed shredder to be chopped into the desired size. RDF is fed by a conveyor system into a specially designed gasifier to create fly ash and synthetic gas. A highly efficient cooling system with great efficiency, cools down the Syn-gas. The Syn-gas will be fed into engines to generate power. A transmission lines sends the power generated to a local substation.