It is not simple to convert municipal solid waste into energy. At Elephant Energy, we occasionally encounter difficulties. We are pleased with ourselves for having solved the issues.

Mixed MSW:

The MSW contains a variety of garbage that can be generated at home or in nearby businesses, including food waste, dirt, stones, building waste, textiles, Tetra Pak, and all types of plastics. Plastics and bio – waste are used in our Gasifier to create energy. Sorting is crucial for us as a result.

Our carefully planned conveyor system and knowledgeable employees separate away the unnecessary garbage and only permit the waste that is beneficial for the Gasifier.

Weather situation:

We are skilled in managing a factory in a city like Shimla (7,238 ft above from sea level). Shimla experiences a lot of rain, which makes the municipal solid trash soggy. To address this issue, we created a powerful dryer.

Less space for work:

There isn’t much space available to set up machines and plans in mountains. We have created equipment and a plant layout that has a low carbon footprint. Do not worry if your workspace is small; we can adapt our equipment to fit your needs.

Choosing the proper team for the job:

We first had trouble finding qualified candidates in the neighbourhood because not everyone wants to work in municipal solid trash. With the help and dedication of our staff, we were able to transform the dump into a garbage processing facility. Talents from all around the world have been attracted to this change.

Complex process:

The gasification process is not simple.  To overcome the technological obstacles in the process, from waste unloading in the hopper to electricity supply to the local sub-station, it takes a lot of commitment and effort. Our motivation to conquer the problems comes from the leaders’ trust and constant advice.