In addition to increased output and better efficiency rates, the latest naturally aspirated engine from MAN Engines also provides more comfort: For the E3262 E302, an integrated cable harness is already available ex works. Via a CAN interface, important engine parameters such as exhaust gas, oil pressure, mixing and coolant temperature as well as charging pressure can be retrieved and easily made available for plant control.

The flow-optimised crankcase is definitely among the highlights of the components in the E3262 E302: Due to the 30 percent decrease in pressure loss, the power for the cooling water pump can be reduced, minimizing the internal consumption of the CHP. Further savings potential in the CHP design results from the water-cooled exhaust pipes. They decrease the exhaust gas temperature and thus allow the use of a smaller exhaust gas heat exchanger.

In general, years of experience with engines and in-house development, design and production at the International Engine Competence Centre in Nuremberg, Germany, ensure that established MAN gas engines are of the highest quality.

Technical Data


In addition to the 550 kW variant, MAN Engines offers a 12-cylinder forced induction gas engine with 450 kWmech based on the E32 series. Both the E3262 LE232 for natural gas and the E3262 LE242 for biogas and other special gases deliver 450 kWmech at 1,500 rpm (50 Hz). This means, that MAN Engines has bridged the gap in performance between 370 and 550 kWmech, which was previously covered by the earlier E2842 series. For the natural gas variant E3262 LE232, the mechanical efficiency is 41.3 %mech compared with 40.2 %mech for the E2842 LE322. The E3262 LE242 biogas variant of the new MAN gas engine achieves 41.1 %mech compared with its predecessor E2842 LE202, which managed 40.2 %mech as well. The possible applications of both gas engines also cover a broad field of cogeneration for the industrial, commercial, municipal and leisure sectors.

Technically, the 12-cylinder E3262 engine with 450 kWmech is based on the same series as its 550 kWmech counterpart, which has been established in the market since 2013. Thus the new E3262 LE242 and E3262 LE232 are designed as forced induction four-stroke petrol gas engines, with 12 cylinders arranged in the shape of a V and a displacement of 25.8 litres. MAN engineers managed to optimise the engine’s performance to 450 kWmech and improve its efficiency by using a modified camshaft and adjusting the valve timings appropriately.

This gives customers a well-engineered, robust engine with identical connections and the same dimensions (LxWxH: 1.748 mm x 1.243 mm x 1.500 mm) as the 550 kW variant.

MAN Engines also offers the new MAN 12-cylinder engine as a 60 Hertz variant at 1,800 rpm. In this configuration, both the E3262 LE232 natural gas engine and the E3262 LE242 special gas engine each deliver 450 kWmech as well. Efficiencies are 39.3 %mech (natural gas) and 38.6 %mech (special gas).

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